I hear all you kids are enjoying your new violent video game!  Well I’m not because I can’t afford it!  So here’s the deal!

Either send me an ask or email me at therealmattbixler at gmail.com with a picture of your boss!  For the prices listed I’ll draw you up an awesome picture of your own personal President Gang Leader!  

Some things to consider!

  • If you can’t take a screenshot (for example if you’re playing on console), that’s okay!  Just make sure the pictures you send me have all the details you want!
  • If you have a preferred weapon or detail you want in the picture just let me know and make sure you can provide a reference!
  • Is there something about the character you want changed?  That’s no problem, just let me know!

And don’t forget, I do commissions of other stuff too!

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    I considered doing this to pay for ACNL before a friend stepped in to help me. so help Matt instead!
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